Friday, November 27, 2009

Best Gift Ever: Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind DVDs.

Watch, share, enjoy, repost! If you'd like to order a DVD with these videos and more to use in your classroom (and to support the MobileHomeComing Community Documentation and Education Project) make a donation of $15 or more to the MobileHomeComing Project!

Get Your DVD with a tax deductible donation of $20 or more to the MobileHomecoming Project!

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And to watch some previews check out:!


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Wishful Thinking

Hi everyone!

So here is a tangible wish. This year I am planning to attend the Allied Media Conference in Detroit, June 20-22. The Allied Media Conference cultivates media strategies for a more just and creative world. It is the primary point of intersection in the U.S. for alternative media makers and committed social justice activists and this year's theme is "Our Evolution Beyond Survival: Media Strategies for the Next Ten Years." We will be strategizing about sustainability and reclaiming the media for our urgent needs. This conference is not just about talking, but doing as well. Check out some of the amazing events and articles from last year's conference.

You can help me get to the conference through a donation to cut the cost of airfare and housing when in Detroit. Just click the paypal button below. Give $1, $5, whatever you can spare!

I am super excited this year because SpiritHouse and Youth Noise Network are organizing to bring the young people I work with in Durham to the conference. Also, I am part of the keynote for the conference.

I'm grateful for your support for this conference. Just click the paypal button (indicate location). Give $1, $5, whatever you can spare! Let me know if you want your donation to go straight into the funds for the young people...I'll be just as grateful for that!

Also help these other lovely women of color trying to get to the conference!

Are you thinking of heading to the Allied Media Conference as well? Register now!

Wishful Thinking
(because you make the world so much brighter)

wishful thinking

Get your own cute mint green copy of "Wishful Thinking" a poem full of wishes affirming you and envisioning the community that we deserve. This poem was first presented at the National Day of Truthtelling in Durham, NC and you can get your own copy by making a donation to the Day of Truthtelling Coalition.

(Don't forget to fill in the titles you want in the "item" in paypal!)

Wrong is Not My Name

Wrong is Not My Name: A Tribute to Survival Via June Jordan

Wrong is Not My Name Cover

This interactive anthology was created by women of color in UBUNTU, a Durham, North Carolina based, women of color led coalition committed to creating a world free from sexual violence and full of sustaining transformative love. Miraculously this volume was compiled in 48 hours out of poems, essays and messages that we felt compelled to write and share with each other in the aftermath of a high profile sexual assault case in our community.

In addition to poems, an essay and a flyer, this book also includes an annotated reading list, guiding the reader through the work of June Jordan, which survives through all of us, as well as exercises designed to help you re(name) yourself. We hope that this anthology will inspire people in other locations to use poetry, publication and community as resources through which to respond to violence and affirm each other.

All donations will support the Teal Ribbon Fund, a fund to help survivors with advanced counseling, bill payment due to loss of employment, transportation, or
civil legal representation. The Teal Ribbon Fund was established by
NCCASA (North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault) and is available to survivors throughout North Carolina.

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The Gunny Wolf

The Gunny Wolf: African American Folktale Retold

This version of the African American folktale The Gunny Wolf is retold by Griot MaMa Nia as part of a SpiritHouse family literacy program called Cookies and Milk. The story is designed for all ages and this booklet includes activities and games to help us all sing past fear together! You can recieve your very own copy through the mail by making a donation to SpiritHouse. Scroll down and click on the button below!

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Need: Poetry as Activism

Need: Poetry as Activism

This is an interactive poetry publication inspired by Audre Lorde's resistance poem "Need: A Chorale for Black Woman Voices". Lorde wrote this poem after 12 black women were murdered within 4 months in Boston. Along with the publication you'll get a toolkit for a set of workshops that will empower you to create productive dialogue about important issues that your community is silent about.

Scroll down to make a donation to UBUNTU a woman of color, survivor led group committed to a world without gendered violence.

(Don't forget to fill in "Need" as the "item" in paypal!)

BrokenBeautiful Broadside

Brokenbeautiful Broadside

Proceeds from the broadside go to the International Black Youth Summit .
Scroll down to order your own copy online.

(all proceeds go to the International Black Youth Summit)
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Soul Sister

The Soul Sister Anthology

This anthology includes poems praising, exploring, identifying and exemplifying the power and beauty of black women.

All proceeds will go to Black Organization of Soul Sisters, a student organization at Columbia University dedicated to the power of black women.

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